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A Cunt of One’s Own is most certainly off the ground and running. People (like you!) are reading the blog. In the first 48 hours of the project’s public existence, I raised $1000. That’s *amazing*. Thank you.

So, what’s next?

Well, I wanted to lay out some of my thoughts, and hear from all of you.

I see two avenues promenades for discussion:

1. What the most effective/amusing ways to spread the word and raise funds?
See below…

2. How might this project live on beyond my fundraising campaign?
I’ve already received multiple suggestions that A Cunt of One’s Own might become part of a permanent campaign to raise funds for trans* people’s medical bills. What of it?

Today we’ll tackle the first half of the discussion. Obviously, I’m doing what I can to tell anybody and everybody about the project, while likewise encouraging y’all to do the same. That’s a pretty big step, and an obvious one.

However, I’m a queer lady busking on the Internet so that I can buy a cunt. We can have a lot of fun with this.

Some Thoughts on Merchandise
Upon hearing about the project, one of my friends immediately hit upon the idea of selling merchandise. Of course! Who wouldn’t want a swanky new Cunt of One’s Own hoodie? Or a hip new tote bag? This site can be like PBS, only slightly dirtier (with the possible exception of Shut Your Gob and other British low-brow favourites).

Here’s the thing. First, I wouldn’t actually make much money off of this. If I went with CafePress or a related company, I’d be taking home a buck or two for every $20-$30 sale, with corporations taking home much of the rest.

Likewise, it’d be awfully hard for me to guarantee that fair labor was used to produce A Cunt of One’s Own products from an online printer. This is important to me, because anatomic justice and labor justice are intimately related. And really, do we all need more stuff?

Still, OMG people, how cool would merchandise be in getting the word out? I can just see someone stopping a friend in the park to ask about hir fetching Cunt of One’s Own bag:

“What is that all about?”

“Well, did you know that some people need to buy permission slips just so they can have clits?”


That could be so cool.

So, here’s what I propose. I’d like to host a repository of free images that folks can use to promote this project, trans* liberation, and medical and anatomical justice. These could be high-resolution images suitable for use in making iron-on transfers, as posters, and yes, in having your favorite print shop make you bad-ass goodies. The more enterprising folks out there might even upload templates for stencils. Stencils are good for lots of things.

I envision a sea of posters and stickers and recycled clothing and spray paint and….

So, I’m creating a gallery of images. If folks want to submit an image, send it to me at

Obviously, if anybody out there wants to make a donation for the use of an images, I’d welcome it. However, this site is about more than buying body parts– it’s about fostering community and justice.

A Virtual Bake Sale
Speaking of selling stuff, I’ve already heard people make the quite sensible suggestion that I should sell or auction off various donated items. Brilliant! Of course I should. It would be awesome.

I’m open to suggestions of artwork, crafts, and other cunt-related goods that folks are willing to donate or otherwise sell/auction. Having some sort of auction would also give me something *fun* to promote to folks who don’t necessarily know or care about who the hell I am.

Putting Talent to Use
If y’all raise $15,000, Stephen Colbert will appear on YouTube singing Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Think about it.

Forging Corporate Partnerships (Synergism, bitchez)
Money is the root of all evil, and I need another $14,000 of it. There are businesses out there that I like. I’m certainly open to forming a cooperative or commensal relationships with the right people. If any one has any ideas (or contacts!), I’d love to hear them.

Right now, the best I can come up with is collecting lube donations at my favorite feminist sex shops. I hear I’ll need a ton of lube for the after care, no joke. (Ok, slight joke.) I’m sure I can do better than that, though (still, that would be amusing).

Any reactions? Thoughts?
Brainstorm away!


15| July 2011

Among other things, I’ll be offering writing of various sorts for donations – custom sonnets, filked songs, you name it, I’ll write it.

I’m also considering doing some paintings, though that’s a bit tougher to send to people. Offer Kate enough, though, and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

15| July 2011

Thanks hon, you’re the bestest!

16| July 2011

As I’ve said on Shakesville, I am planning on submitting some drawings and possibly paintings as soon as I have a little time. Depending on how awesome they turn out, scans of these could be be used for the free gallery, and/or the originals could be auctioned off.

I’m also a huge fan of stickers/decals; the kids these days seem to plaster political messages all of their laptops. ^_^

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