Vaginal Discourse

I thought it would be only natural to start a blogaround of notable news and commentary. I’m not sure how frequently or regularly this feature will appear, but I’m currently aiming for once a week. I’m also looking for a good title, although I have to admit, “Face the Vulva” is definitely growing on me.

If y’all have news, links, or ideas for a guest posts (or fundraising ideas, for that matter), comment away!

Joelle Ruby Ryan recently wrote about traveling while fat and transgenderqueer.

There’s actually a nifty advice column on talking about ableism, breast cancer, and sexuality. (Via @ Scartleteen)

Juliet Jacques’ latest column at The Guardian explores passing as a cis women while out and about.

Our Bodies Ourselves has a link to Stephen Colbert’s takedown of the recent Summer’s Eve debacle.

Adam Polaski at Bilerico reports that the US Department of Health and Human Services is reconsidering its homophobic (and transphobic) blood donation policy.

The Ms. Blog previews a new book: Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex.

The Ms. Blog also noticed that Michelle Obama’s milkshake was in the news this week for some reason.

Morgan Page is over at Pretty Queer, where she’s discussing transmisogyny in Toronto’s queer scene.

Lastly, I award a spontaneous Tweet of the Moment award to Martha Plimpton for:

My vagina is a mysterious bog wherein lives a tiny green man who dispenses wise advice, albeit with poor grammar.


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