Vaginal Discourse

Including the latest generous donation, I’m now up to $1600! Yay for everybody! Thank you! EXCLAMATION POINT!

My life promises to be hectic as always in the coming month, but you should be on the lookout for:
-Me asking you if you’d like to contribute a guest post
-My explaining to the uninitiated how one buys a cunt and otherwise accesses transition-related care
-A discussion of what comes next (i.e., is it possible to use this project as springboard to help other trans* folks access medical care?)
-A discussion of merchandise and artwork (Huh! What is it good for?)

Also, there’ll probably be another blogaround soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to soothe my frazzled nerves by crashing a friend’s lakeside family reunion. I’ll be bringing along Herta Müller, because she’s the single least depressing author my local library stocks. Seriously, I love her work, and nothing says relaxation like tales from the Ceauşescu regime.


13| August 2011

=D Super happy for you

Crystal Collette
14| August 2011

Least depressing = important! I hope that good company and water takes good care of you this weekend. I would love to talk with you about debuting as a guest blogger…I need to pop my blogging cherry, don’t you think?

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