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It’s been a couple of months since I posted at this blog. I think it’s time for an update.

The past few months have been, um, amazing. My academic job has become increasingly, um, amazing. Everyone in my house took turns getting sick, which involved several trips to the ER, many roadtrips to Rochester, and one surgery. (We’re better now, thanks.) My derby team has been dealing with some serious drama (think lawyers). Last but not least, my household finances have been the same as always.


I have a new job. It’s not in the academy. It’s not in Syracuse. We’re moving back to Madison around Christmas. That’s incredibly wonderful and stressful.

So, perhaps it’s understandable that I haven’t been posting much of late. I’m over my latest bout of depression, but now I’m just tired. My brain just isn’t working the way I’d like it to. This is frustrating, because I’ve got tons and tons of stuff to say about my life, the academy, Syracuse, and moving home.

Once I get settled in Wisconsin and my anxiety calms down, I plan on doing a lot more writing. Indeed, one of the reasons I took my new job is that I wanted to make space in my life for writing.

As far as the fundraiser goes, it’s still on. However, I don’t have a surgery date in site. I need to refresh the tally, but I believe I’m edging pretty close to $2000. (Amazing! Thank You!) I’ll get the money raised, eventually. I’m hoping the new job will help.


18| November 2011

Congrats on the new job!

Looking forward to reading more from you once you’ve settled in.

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