Vaginal Discourse

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I’m in the process of flushing some really expensive sperm down the drain. In the process, I learned that the folks who collected it refused to label it with my legal name, on account of how girls don’t make sperm n’ such. Whoops!

I’ve recently been having all sorts of fun things going on with my body. It turns out it might (in part) be a thyroid thing. Some it might involve my hormones, too.

Because very few doctors know much about super queer ladyhormones, I felt the need to research the subject myself (for, what, like the twentieth time?). Here’s my conclusion:

1. Sex hormones are magical, and doctors admit that prescribing, managing, or otherwise observing their effects is pretty much alchemy.

2. Many, many other aspects of modern medicine are extraordinarily similar to managing trans* peoples’ hormones, only medical professionals will not admit that these, also, are pretty much alchemy.

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