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I’ve recently been having all sorts of fun things going on with my body. It turns out it might (in part) be a thyroid thing. Some it might involve my hormones, too.

Because very few doctors know much about super queer ladyhormones, I felt the need to research the subject myself (for, what, like the twentieth time?). Here’s my conclusion:

1. Sex hormones are magical, and doctors admit that prescribing, managing, or otherwise observing their effects is pretty much alchemy.

2. Many, many other aspects of modern medicine are extraordinarily similar to managing trans* peoples’ hormones, only medical professionals will not admit that these, also, are pretty much alchemy.

15| April 2012

They don’t know much about the brain or the nervous system either, they tell me mostly they just treat symptoms. Hell, they don’t figure out non queer lady hormones either. I’m fifty three and not menopausal yet. They just shake their heads. I hope yours get sorted out soon, Kate

15| April 2012

As someone who’s had hormonal problems of one kind or another practically since birth, I completely agree that “alchemy” is the word for it. And I’m thrilled you thought of it, because I’ve had 30-odd years to hit on the right word and somehow never did. Probably the hormones’ fault. 😛

16| April 2012

My experience with how doctors approach HRT is, really, both: whichever is least advantageous to me. When I advocate for increased doses I get that it’s unproven, etc. When my Estradiol level goes somewhat high (though still in the normal female range) they suddenly act certain about the doses and claim that the dose presents a severe danger to my health. DVT and heart attack are the favorites for mine, the later due to a family history claim that is tenuous at best (that family member had several dietary and lifestyle factors absent in my life but my physicians insist that has no mitigating effect.)

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