Vaginal Discourse

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[Trigger warning for street harassment]

I just wanted to let y’all in on an exotic part of the trans* experience.

Let’s say the heat index i..OH MY FUCKING GOD. If you’re a cis dude, there’s a good chance you don’t need to worry about accidentally flashing your chest. For that matter, in a lot of settings it’s totally okay to wear clothes that reveal you have a wang and/or or balls, because it’s not like you’re sporting some kind of nasty cameltoe, amirite?

If you’re the kind of person who has breasts, you’re probably not going to risk exposing them to the breeze. Even in places where that sort of thing is [NSFW] legal, you’re likely to get a stern talking to from the authorities.

Based on my experiences (along with those of approximately half a bazillion other women), random assholes are also probably going to say all sorts of assholish things to you if you’re wearing a perfectly reasonable amount of clothing for a leisurely stroll on the surface of the sun.

If you’re trans*, there’s a decent chance even if (nay, especially if) you’re not wearing much, you’ll be binding or tucking parts of your body with tight, non-breathable fabrics. This is not comfortable.

However, consider the alternative: allowing strangers (and yourself) to see parts of your body that you’d rather not be there. As a trans* woman, there’s the added bonus of having strangers make loud comments about the fact that you’re a presumably cissexual woman that they, definitely assholish men, happen to approve of, only to make subsequent, louder comments about the fact that you’re a trans woman that they, still assholes, most definitely do not approve of. I soooooooooo do not recommend this.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if you see people on the street wearing some amount of clothing while also having bodies, you should keep your thoughts and your hands to yourself.

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